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Who are we?

We offer parents Bible based resources to place in children’s hearts the light of Jesus to carry them throughout life in scripture illustration, memory songs and games.

God continues to move in His people everywhere as His kingdom advances with the light of truth and life in His people everywhere to provide parents and churches with ways to fight the darkness.

- Jenny Stephens

Meet the team

Jenny Stephens

Visionary, Builder - Home: North Alabama

Zahida Hrenyk

Writer, Speaker, Editor, Builder - Home: North Alabama

Zully Larios

Illustrator, Designer - Home: Guatemala

Sheila Stephens

Editor, Research, Quality and Testing - Home: Texas

Pat Carlin

Musician, editor - Home: North Alabama

Paul Carlin

Musician - Home: North Alabama

My Story

My first walk with Jesus began as a tiny child sitting with my Mother at the piano as she taught songs from scripture to my brothers, sisters and I. Jesus has been my very best friend through every step of life.

He loves me, He knows me, we have sweet fellowship and so my love for Him grows. I could write volumes of stories about His faithfulness, His teaching, the peace He gives in the storm and His listening ear. Even now in these later years during wake-up times, stressful, trying times, or just meditation, these scriptures of promise, praise and teaching from my mother during my earliest years continue to bathe my mind and spirit.

I am married to my soul mate and partner in Christ, Terry. We are gifted with our son, Robert, his wife, Sheila and two grandchildren, Victoria and Elliot who are the the joy of our lives.

I taught Bible school to tiny tots for 30 plus years and know the tremendous capacity and willingness of tots to learn.

I envisioned ways to merge their energy and minds like sponges during the hour I had with them at church to, in my mind, sit at Jesus feet using music, self made flash card games with ABC verses, numbers 1-12 about God, and matching cards for good deeds illustrations, and had good success even with crude art illustrations.

I realized that the children were attracted to this method, so I started looking for an artist that would enhance my endeavors with the art work, trying for years to interest an artist who could help me improve the illustrations but had always ended up just using my stick art.

It was my daughter-in-law who told me about her aunt Zully, a professional illustrator from Guatemala. “Lord”, I prayed, “if this is your project you will provide the talents needed to complete this mission in your time and your Spirit”. He would grant the persons who have the passion, insight, and gifts needed.” And He did!

The first illustration I saw of Zully’s art actually moved me to tears. It was a drawing she had made on a page in her Bible within Psalms 91. In stunning beauty and simplicity, it captured the vibrant message of this psalm. Here in illustration is the language which needs no translation. Just what toddlers need. This special gift Zully does in translating scripture into picture is a gift of inspiration from God. How we need artists for God’s kingdom to spread the light of God’s truth from His word.

God has continued to provide the persons and gifts needed and so, the work of My first walk with Jesus began and is continuing.

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