Welcome to our online bookstore! We offer children’s books by the talented author Jenny Stephens and the gifted illustrator Zully Larios. These materials are designed to engage young hearts and minds while instilling Christian values in a fun and educational way.

We offer Bible based resources to place in children’s hearts the light of Jesus to carry them throughout life in scripture illustration, memory songs and games.

Start your journey today and watch as your child’s heart and mind blossom with the joy of reading and the warmth of Christian teaching

My First ABC With Jesus

"My First ABC with Jesus" is a bilingual treasure that introduces children to the alphabet through the lens of faith. With delightful illustrations and engaging content in both English and Spanish, this book is perfect for families looking to nurture their child's language skills while fostering a connection to Jesus and his teachings.

Fun songs

The songs are simply and fun!


In "My First Numbers with Jesus," Jenny Stephens and Zully Larios team up once again to create a delightful learning experience for young readers. Through the exploration of numbers intertwined with biblical lessons, children will not only strengthen their numerical skills but also deepen their understanding of Christian principles in a joyful and interactive way.

Good Deeds Game

A fun game for ages 3 to 8. The Good Deeds Game is designed to make kids think about the decisions they make, and how they affect other people.

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